Saturday, January 4, 2014

Diaper Baby Carriage

We have a gal at work that is expecting a baby girl so we threw her a shower! I wanted to try a few things I found on Pinterest and gave it a shot. I started out just wanting to make the diaper babies, but the smallest diaper pack I could buy had 50 diapers. I only needed 6 so I went on to the baby carriage! This took a lot of different youtube videos and some improvising, but after a few late nights and multiple episodes of Call The Midwife it all came together. I was so excited!

I used this tutorial for the diaper babies and this is one of the youtube videos I watched for the carriage 

I used a rubberband to hold the rolled up diapers together and then hot glued them to the shoe box. I really wanted to diapers to be reusable, but tape just didn't hold up. This is purely for looks! Enjoy!


  1. Do you have the instruction on how to make this?

  2. Do you have the instruction on how to make this?

  3. I like this but you said just for looks because the diapers had to be hot glued if you take a box and the bottom of same size for top and piece of coar board bigger than bottom box put diapers around and ribbon to tie diapers would still be useable