Saturday, January 4, 2014

Catan Cupcakes

We LOVE Catan! My husband and I made these for my brother one summer and it was so fun!

A Bunch of Wreaths

I'm trying to record all of my projects somewhere besides my phone so here are all the wreaths I've made since becoming addicted to Pinterest :)


4th of July




Diaper Baby Carriage

We have a gal at work that is expecting a baby girl so we threw her a shower! I wanted to try a few things I found on Pinterest and gave it a shot. I started out just wanting to make the diaper babies, but the smallest diaper pack I could buy had 50 diapers. I only needed 6 so I went on to the baby carriage! This took a lot of different youtube videos and some improvising, but after a few late nights and multiple episodes of Call The Midwife it all came together. I was so excited!

I used this tutorial for the diaper babies and this is one of the youtube videos I watched for the carriage 

I used a rubberband to hold the rolled up diapers together and then hot glued them to the shoe box. I really wanted to diapers to be reusable, but tape just didn't hold up. This is purely for looks! Enjoy!